October 12th, 2016

457 visa change on ceasing employment for 90 days …

457 Visa changes (for visas granted after 19th November 2016 only) :

Condition 8107 change
Subject to the approval of necessary changes to the
Migration Regulations 1994 and approval by the
Governor–General, from 19 November 2016 the period
that a primary subclass 457 visa holder can remain in
Australia after their employment ceases will be reduced
from 90 days to 60 days. This change would apply to
subclass 457 visas granted on, or after, 19 November

The purpose of this proposed change is to strengthen the
integrity of the subclass 457 visa programme and ensure
it meets its intent of acting as a supplement to rather than
a substitute for Australian workers. Reducing the
employment cessation period will contribute to subclass
457 visa holders being less vulnerable to informal
employment and reduce the period in which they can
compete within the Australian labour market for further