January 11th, 2018

457/ENS/RSMS and new Temporary/Permanent visa January update from DIBP

Occupation List changes
New Occupation (STSOL and MLTSSL) lists will come into effect around 17th January.
(Note from Iscah : see possible changes here

Proposed changes to the skilled lists for January 2018 (MLTSSL AND STSOL lists)

Any changes will not effect existing 457 applications still being processed.
The next changes will take place in March 2018

Incomplete Applications
457 Applications lodged after 15th January 2018 can be refused if they do not have sufficient documentation on them within 2 days of lodgement. (this does not include, health, character or genuineness documents).

457 applicants applying for 186 (TRT) or 187(TRT) after 2 years.
If you applied for your 457 visa before 18th April 2017 then you will only have to meet TWO years of work experience for your permanent visa (not the three years required for other applicants)

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