June 27th, 2018

Accountant update for 189 visas-

Accountant update for 189 visas-

Despite repeated efforts to various stakeholders DoHA have advised us that

– Accountants will continue to be allocated an occupational ceiling of just 2.5% of the number of employed Accountants in Australia (compared to all other occupations who get 6%) for 2018/19.

– That Accountants will continue to have to share their allocation with the other skilled visas (points test and company sponsored) categories. No other occupation has to do this

– And that these restrictions are not due to integrity concerns of that occupation (which a DoHA policy document had previously published) but rather “..in light of softening labour market demand for accountants..”

We continue to pursue this issue with DoHA in hope that they relax some of these restrictions directed at just one occupation.