January 17th, 2018

Accountants 189s further comment on Occupational Ceiling

Now that DIBP have said the 4785 places will also include other skilled visas (the only occupation that has been treated like that both this year and last program year) the next question becomes how many places will be left for the 189 visas ?

We know already that 2633 have been invited for the 189s which gives only 2152 places left for presumably all the 186,187,189 190 and 489s under Accountants.

What will be left (if any) will then be available for any new 189 invitations between now and June 30th 2018.

We have asked the department (both the 189 and company sponsored 186/187 policy sections) if this is correct. That is they are going to treat Accountants in the same restrictive way as they did last year. As their website now suggests.

They may not reply as is normal for them with any internal policy decision like this.

We have also put in a Freedom of Information request to DIBP to see what are the 186,187,190 and 489 visa grants so far. So we can get an idea on how places they may take away from the 189s. This generally takes around 4-6 weeks to get the results.

We will provide this information when we receive it and then what we think may be left for the 189s for Accountants.