November 14th, 2016

DIBP to relax Pro rata policy on some occupations ?

Skill Select invite for November 2016.

DIBP have announced their November skill select dates as the 9th and 23rd. Interesting they have anticipated inviting 1600 189 EOIs each round (even though DIBP were only able to invite 1205 and 1196 in the October rounds.

Similarly for the 489 family sponsored they were only able to find 46 eligible EOIs in the last round yet believe they can invite a whopping 400 in November’s two rounds.

As we have written consistently the last few months, DIBP simply does not have enough eligible EOIs to fill their annual quota unless they find some more from somewhere. The most obvious being to relax some of the Pro rata occupation restrictions and so invite more of them each round.

(or maybe they will drop the passmark to just 55 points ??)

Either option is getting closer after these November projections …