December 22nd, 2017

Explaining DIBPs latest 6th December Skill Select results

Okay where on earth do we start ?

First of all here are DIBPs official 6th December results –

IGNORE DIBPs results is the short story and instead follow our unofficial results here below

Here are Iscah’s unofficial 6th December results –

Unofficial Skill Select results from 6th December 2017

Here is the longer story ..

DIBP only invited 300 EOIs for the 189 visa. These were made up of :
203 Accountants
66 Auditors
7 ICT Business Analysts
11 Software and Application Programmers
2 Industrial, Mechanical, Production Engineers
3 Other Engineering Professionals
5 Computer Network Professionals

As Accountants and Auditors used up 269 of the spots with their higher scores and longer waiting periods, the other 31 places are likely UNUSED INVITATIONS that after 60 days have gone back into the EOI pool. And so they will always be invited first as their EOI has been waiting longer. It is irrelevant that they were invited before, they did not accept the invitation (around 20% of invitees don’t usually as they have another invite somewhere else). So those older EOIs getting invited a second time actually sends the latest invitation date BACKWARDS in DIBPs official results.

An example would be an EOI lodged as “Other Engineering Professiona”. With an EOI date of 3rd October 2017 and 75 points. They would have been invited on the 4th October 2017. If they did not take up that offer their EOI would go back into the EOI pool after 60 days. So they would then get a second (and last) invite on the 6th December 2017 round. In fact that is what has happened and you will see that the invite date for “Other Engineering Professionals” has gone back from every 75 pointer having been invited as of 22/11/2017 (we know this as they got down to 70 point invites) to now showing the latest invite as 03/10/2017 in the 6th December 2017 round just published by DIBP (this is an unaccepted EOI invite).

I hope that makes sense. In short it means that most of the Pro Rata dates have gone “backwards” as these are unused invites that have gone back into the pool to be invited again. These are older than everyone elses and so will be invited first. With so few places available this round these unused ones become the “latest” invites and so DIBP have published those dates which are historically incorrect as more recent ones HAVE been invited.

For now you are better following our Iscah results from the 6th December 2017 until DIBP start increasing numbers beyond the miserly 300 as it creates these incorrect results.

Unofficial Skill Select results from 6th December 2017

We like everyone else do not know when that will be although we will write about that shortly.
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