Our staff have combined nearly 40 years experience working in DIAC and 20 years working in private practice. On this page you can ask us any question about migration and we will do our best to answer it. Or you can have a full assessment done of your chances to migrate to Australia.

If you are after the full assessment then e-mail or fax (+61-8-9353 3350) to us your CV/Resume. It must include the following basic details for you and your spouse (if applicable):

1. Date of Birth

2. Marital Status

3. Children and their ages

4. Any Relatives in Australia who are Australian residents/citizens. What area of Australia they live in and for what approximate period

5. Any formal qualifications you hold, where you received them and what year did you complete them and in what language.

6. Any positions that you have worked in since leaving school. It needs to include your main duties, dates of employment, and whether full or part time.

7. An approximate value of your personal assets.

8. If you think your claims are business based, some details about your company ownership and turnover figures over the last 4 years

Please send all enquiries to Visa advice

This general advice service is free. If you know of someone else who would like to use Iscah we would be most happy to help them.