May 30th, 2019

Iscah monthly visa report

An initial personalised report for YOUR situation, and then a further updated report every month for the next 12 months on ALL your skilled visa options

It will update you on when you may expect an invitation for YOUR 189 EOI at your current score. And also how long it may take for an invite at a variety of other scores (higher and lower) that you may be able to achieve

It will go on to give details of all the :

  1. streams of the temporary graduate (485) visa you may be eligible for, and list the main criteria
  2. company visa categories that your occupation is eligible for (482, 494, 186, 187, DAMA), and list the main criteria
  3. state and territories that are currently sponsoring your occupation in the 489 and 190 visas and shortly the new 491 and 494 visas. And again list the main criteria
  4. provide a summary of the prospects of your particular occupation going forward in terms of 189 invitations
  5. give a monthly Iscah perspective on the current skilled program and the new visa options about to come up

 Your own personalised visa report every month for the next year – $140 (total)

This fee is fully deductable should you  later use  our quality assistance to manage your visa application

Further details shortly on what we think will be a very useful product to get the full picture on your options, and future visa prospects in this fast changing environment