December 9th, 2016

No Computing/IT occupations invited for 7th December 2016 Skill Select ??

70 points has been enough for an immediate invite for each of these occupations for the first ten rounds and the invitation mark has been at 65 points for the whole of this program year so far.
However on the 7th December we have seen EOI applicants for ALL three occupations apparently NOT get an invite at 70 points.

Our conclusion is that in the 07/12/2016 skill select round there were NO invitations given for IT occupations.

If true, Why ? Well on the 9th November there were similarly no invites for Nurses, Mechanical and Electronics Engineers in preparation for them becoming Pro rata from the 23rd November.

So one possibility is that the IT occupations will have their Pro Rata allocations CHANGED from the 21st December skill select round. Whether the number of invitations will rise (supported by the fact that DIBP are miles behind their program targets at the moment) or will fall (supported by the fact they reduced Nurse numbers out of the blue last months) we are not sure.

We will bring any further news to you when we get it.