November 15th, 2016

November Pro Rata estimates

Here is our analysis from the latest Skill Select round of 26th October in regards when you may receive an invite in the Pro rata occupations for a 189 or 190 (NSW sponsored) visa.

November 2017 Pro Rata estimates

Some additional notes from this round :
– Mechanical Engineers looks like it has gone pro rata for the rest of this program year from 9th November 2016. That may mean only about 16 invites per round from now on and a score of 70 points needed. DIBP may confirm in the next skill select results in the next few days

– Auditor invites at 70 points are all over the place. The invite dates in consecutive rounds have gone 24/8, 29/8, 11/9 (all good so far), then 20/4, 17/6. We expect now that there has either been a major glitch , or DIBP have “discovered” some uninvited Auditors (maybe Internal Auditors) that has meant the date has gone backwards. We have asked DIBP for why this may have happened.

– DIBP continue to not be able to fill their 189 and 489 quotas with their restrictive Pro Rata policy on their most popular occupations. Pressure grows to change this policy or drop the overall passmark to 55 points for other occupations.

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