December 5th, 2016

Nurse visas now pro rata

Well we predicted Electronics and Mechanical Engineering going Pro Rata, but Registered Nurses ??

That makes no sense.
Last program year there were over 3000 invited.
This year the Occupation Ceiling is 16,346.
To date only 1222 had been invited when DIBP then invited 0 on the 9th November and then limited it to just 27 on the 14th November. Presumably that is the new number of invites per round which would bring the total invites eventually to just 1627 for the program year.

Interestingly that is almost exactly 10% of the total occupational ceiling. And given it is the department of education who manages the numbers, i can’t totally ignore the possibility they have the comma in the wrong place and think the occupational ceiling was just 1,634 instead of the correct 16,346.

Also this occupation is not on the flagged list of occupations in danger of coming off the SOL next program year.

As it stands now, with just 27 invites per round (and previously around 120 being invited each round) it means the invite mark will be shortly 65 and even 70 points. Also 489 family sponsored will now be closed off under this occupation for the rest of the program year as all the 27 places will go to 189s each round.

And finally DIBP will be even more behind in their target to try and issue around 43,990 invites for the 189 visa as they can’t get near their 1400 each round already. And will go further behind now with missing out on around 100 registered nurses each round.

Shemozzle …