December 14th, 2016

Nurses are now NOT Pro Rata !!!

Nurses now are NOT NOT PRO RATA

At last some good news from DIBP

We had speculated that the decision to make Nurses Pro Rata did not make any sense and that maybe it was an error in our 5th December thread. We emailed the DIBP policy area the same with our thoughts as to why this had been an error from the Department of Education who administer the invitations. They had not replied.

We contacted the DIBP FB page (as we had still not received a reply from the all important policy area). The DIBP FB page advised us that Nurses had been made Pro rata on purpose ?? You can see that discussion below

Incorrect facebook advice DIBP initially gave

As a result we posted threads earlier today about that.

However …. in breaking news we have just been advised by the DIBP policy area (the part of the department that administer the 189 visa program) that in fact Nurses should NOT be Pro Rata. That yep this had been a mistake in the last few rounds.

And further the decision to not invite any IT/Computing Occupations in the last round was also a mistake that will be rectified in the 21/12/2016 round.

That is good news and from the 21st December skill select round, Nurses will no longer have Pro rata restrictions on it which means that 60 points should be enough to get an invite. Also 489s (family sponsored ) will now be open again for Nurses.

DIBP also confirmed that the IT/Computing occupations will be invited again and the missed Pro rata places will be allocated to (according to what DIBP advised us).

ALSO DIBP just told us that confirmation of this will be included in the 7th December Skill Select results which will be published shortly.

Please send any questions to us direct at as it is easier to reply to you that way .