January 24th, 2019

Quick competition on number of wasted invitations

Iscah just obtained figures that allows us to calculate how many WASTED invitations were given for 189 visas from July 2018 to December 2018.

These WASTED EOIs are those that are invited to apply for a 189 visa and for whatever reason (usually multiple EOIs lodged or they have a Permanent visa lodged through a different visa category) the invite was not accepted and so WASTED.

In the first 6 rounds (July-Dec 2018) below is the total number of primary applicants invited in each of the PRO RATA categories for this 6 months

2211 Accountant (1680 invites)
2212 Auditor (600 invites)
2611 ICT Business and System Analysts (656 invites)
2613 Software and Applications programmers (3253 invites)
2334 Electronics Engineer (135 invites)
2335 Industrial, Mechanical & Production Engineers (795 invites)
2339 Other Engineering Professionals (313 invites)
2631 Computer Network Professionals (969 invites)
ALL the NON PRO RATA occupations combined (6259 invites)

We invite you to guess how many invitations were WASTED in YOUR occupation out of the number above by emailing us here GUESS WASTAGE

You must give us both your OCCUPATION and the NUMBER of wasted invitations you are guessing.

There will be one lucky winner who will be given a FREE PERSONAL or SKYPE appointment (value of $220) where we will go through your entire visa circumstances advising your best pathway and answering any visa questions you have.

We will be writing a DETAILED report and publishing it in the next 1/2 days for all our readers, to give details of how many invitations are being WASTED right through the entire 189 visa program.


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