November 30th, 2016

Reason for Auditors and other occupations going “backwards” in the EOI invitation dates :

We have seen on another forum a possible explanation that makes sense for Auditors and now ICT Business Analyst going backwards in their invitation dates. And it sort of makes sense because of the many people who will lodge multiple EOIs for Accountants/Auditors and for multiple IT occupations.

Here is the explanation which apparently was given by DIBP. Note we are trying to confirm this as official but for now we provide it as a possible reason …

Invitation rounds may vary significantly as rounds can sometimes include previously expired invitations. This has been the case here.

On August 3rd, 110 invites were issued for Auditors. 60 days later, on October 3rd, 78 of those invitations expired. 78 of these expired invitations were eligible to be invited again, on October 12. The October 12 round saw 55 Auditors invited, with 49 of those from the August 3rd round.

The date of effect shown for October 12 relates back to the earliest date of effect from those EOIs invited back on August 3rd. The pool of EOIs used for October 12 was vastly different because of the high number of expired invitations on October 3rd.

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