February 6th, 2017

RSMS/187 possibly closing in Perth

The WA Labour Party have made it clear that they will remove Perth from having RSMS status from the 11th March 2017 if they win the upcoming State election.
At the moment the Labour Party are favorites to win the state election so we should all take note this is now a strong possibility.
It would mean that for student graduates (and overseas skilled people) wishing to be sponsored by a company with no or little work experience, only the 457 temporary visa is initially available (with the possibility of PR after 2 years with that company if rules stay the same).
Also some occupations are NOT on this 457 list such as Retail Manager, so that option will disappear for Perth companies.

RSMS closure in Perth

So if you are going to consider RSMS in Perth you need to lodge your 187/RSMS application before 11th March to give yourself your best chance of avoiding this possible program closure.
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