May 24th, 2018

Skill Select notes from 23rd May 2018

Looks like DHA have set on a smaller percentage than 25% of each pro rata occupations normal round quota.

The round just completed was the second in a row where the following pro rata occupations had the same invites each round (18th April and 9th May).
Presumably to fit Accountants into the 300 places

– Accountant 45
– Auditor 12
– ICT Business and Systems Analyst 15
– Software and Applications Programmer 58
– Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineer 20
– Other Engineering Professionals 9
– Computer Network Professional 12

DHA confirmed with us that this comment below was accidentally left off the 18th April 2018 Occupational Ceiling page and has been readded for this round ..

*Occupations that are subject to pro rata arrangements. For Accountants (2211) the occupational ceiling also reflects volumes in other skilled visa categories.

Also that the reopening of Accountant for 189s recently was due to some numbers left across all visa categories in the 2017/18 program year.

Finally at this stage they are looking to again impose a 2.5% (instead of 6%) limitation when calculating the Accountant quota for 2018/19. We are continuing to have them look at the further policy of then having to share this 2.5% across OTHER visa categories, which is grossly unfair.