January 3rd, 2018

Unofficial Skill Select Results 3rd January 2018

Happy New Year !

Here is some commentary and are our unofficial results from the 3rd January 2018. It is based on invitations that we have seen from our own cases, databases and web forums, our FB followers contacting us, and mathematical logic that we know to be correct from other results.

We estimate there were around 500-800 invitations.

It looks like Accountants were restricted in their invitations. Presumably to give the other occupations a chance to get an invitation and provide a more “balanced” skilled migration program in these times of reduced numbers. DIBP have still not confirmed if the 189 intake for New Zealand citizens (we anticipate this will be around 10,000) is part of the 43,990 program for the 189s. This is crucial to waiting times and future numbers of invitations. A recent DIBP publication talked about NZ citizens/family being part of the non skilled allocation. But this looks like NZ citizens that arrived before 2003 who have a special ability to be treated as Permanent Residents. We still do not know of this new 189 New Zealand program is part of the 189 allocation of places.

DIBP have around a 6 months backlog of cases for 189s at the moment. They do not have to invite as many each round now and they can still reach their program target of 43,990. We expect that is why there are reduced numbers for now. That is backed up by DIBP stating on their website
“Invitation numbers in each round may vary depending on the number of applications being processed by the department.”

Long term DIBP still have a target of around 190,000 migrants and 130,000 of them skilled over the next 3 years and so once their backlog is eased and DIBP look to possibly introduce a new points test, the numbers have to increase again in some way. The natural amount of invites each round is around 1000 even with New Zealanders being included. And so these low numbers of 300 etc will not be for ever.

We believe EOIs have been invited at the following scores with effect dates up to and older than the dates below::

2211 Accountants 75 points up to 18/10/2017 and 80 points up to 11/12/2017
2212 Auditors etc 75 points up to 09/09/2017 and 80 points 21/12/2017
2334 Electronics Engineer 70 points up to 30/10/2017 and 75 pointers up to 22/11/2017 (likely all 75s up to 02/01/2018)
2335 Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers 75 pointers up to 29/12/2017 (likely all 75s up to 02/01/2018)
2339 Other Engineering Professionals 75 pointers up to 15/12/2017 (likely all 75s up to 02/01/2018)
2611 ICT Business and System Analysts 70 points up to 15/08/2017 and 75 pointers up to 02/01/2018
2613 Software and Applications Programmers 70 points up to 30/10/2017 and 75 pointers up to 24/12/2017 (likely all 75s up to 02/01/2018)
2631 Computer Network Professionals 70 points up to 30/10/2017 and 75 points up to 26/12/2017 (likely all 75s up to 02/01/2018)

ALL other Non Pro Rata Occupations 70 points up to 30/10/2017 and 75 pointers up to 02/01/2018

489 (family sponsored) – 80 points 31/10/2017

(Note these are not DIBP figures and there may well be other invitations more recent we are unaware of)

– If you have any more recent credible results please email details to us at query@iscah.com, thanks

– This table will be updated as we get more info in the next 48 hours