January 25th, 2019

Wasted 189 EOIs in the skill select system

We have obtained official figures from DOHA showing how many primary applicants lodged 189 visa applications from July 11th 2018 right though until just before the 11th December 2018 skill select round.

This allows us to compare this number with how many actual EOI invites were sent out in the same period, and so calculate how many EOI invitations were never taken up. We term this number “wasted” invitations as they have gone to people who for whatever reason have decided not to take up the invitation. And so have deprived someone else who does want the invitation from obtaining theirs.

The most common reasons for not taking up a 189 invitation are likely to be that the person has already received an invite for a 189 or 190 visa with another EOI, or they have applied for a permanent visa in another visa category such as employer sponsored or partner visa.

It also again reinforces the hope that anyone who has received an invite or applies for another permanent visa category, to PLEASE WITHDRAW your EOI from the 189 system.

Anyhow here are the figures released by the department of immigration

(note: there is a slight lag in dates for the lodgement vs invites. However the majority of invitees apply in the first 30 days. And there are some June 2018 invites included in July figures to counter balance the lag)

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