May 24th, 2018

When will I get my invite – Iscah latest estimates as at 24th May 2018

Here are Iscah’s latest estimates of how long we think you will have to wait for a 189 invitation from TODAY – 24th Mayl 2018. Depending on when you lodged your EOI, what the effect date is and the occupation.

We have extended it this time through to the new 2018/19 program year and listed some assumptions. As a result it allows us to say whether we think you will get an invitation before or after July 2019 also. These may not turn out to be DHA settings, we are just trying to give a rough estimate in this age of uncertainty.

These estimates are heavily influenced by the number of invitations that DIBP/DHA issue each round, the limitations against some of the pro rata occupations, and a number of other factors listed here –

What we use for our 189 EOI predictions