November 29th, 2018

AAT (Appeal) Processing Times

AAT (appeal) Processing times

Here are the latest processing times for AAT appeals

And an article about the delays ..

Growth in number of applications for review The AAT received a record number of applications for review in the first quarter of 2018-19. Applicants lodged more than 15,800 new applications across all of our caseloads during the period. This continues an upward trend in applications over recent years and has directly contributed to the growth in active cases on hand at the AAT.

The number of cases on hand has grown to exceed 60,000 at the end of October 2018, up from around 22,000 when the Tribunal amalgamated in July 2015. Applications to the Migration and Refugee Division represented approximately 84 per cent of this pending caseload; this is the division that receives the highest proportion of applications at the AAT.

Ms Sian Leathem, the AAT’s Registrar, discussed our growing backlog during a Senate Estimates hearing in October. In explaining the increase in backlog, she highlighted that ‘the number of members available to review decisions has not kept pace with the demand’.

To address these challenges, the AAT continues to identify ways to improve efficiency and, where possible, has introduced or is planning changes, including the way in which we manage different types of cases. For example, we have created a targeted early case assessment team to develop strategies for the prompt resolution of cases without the need for a hearing and we continue to rely on alternative dispute resolution services where possible.

We also continue to work closely with Government to address the challenges associated with an overall increase in lodgements for review, including through discussion about member appointments and re-appointments and exploring legislative reform options