August 8th, 2018

DoHA News about how many Pro rata invites in 2018/19

We have confirmed with DoHA that the Pro rata invites for the 2018/19 program year will be approximately 60% of the total program over the year.

DoHA have previously also said that the program is the same as last year, so we expect close to 15,600 invites. Which will then mean :

– 9360 invitations for Pro Rata occupations
– 6240 invitations for Non Pro rata occupations
With an average of 1300 invitations per round

They also confirmed that they were intending to invite a more than usual number of EOIs in July than the average. Which gives us confidence that it was anticipated to be 2000 in July in total (two rounds of 1000).

Given DoHA now say that 60% of invites will be Pro Rata occupations for the program year, it means that shortly DoHA will have to change their settings of inviting just 180 out of 1000 Pro ratas per round. We expect this in the next two months. This will be good news for Pro Rata occupations and we will update our invitations estimates table after the 11th August round

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