September 30th, 2019

Information from DHA about 16/11/2019 EOIs and Points test visas

DHA has clarified information on the updating of points for submitted EOIs when the 16 November 2019 changes come into effect.

The Department has clarified that:

  • – SkillSelect will automatically update points for all Expressions of Interest (EOI) in submitted status.
  • – EOIs in draft status will not be updated, as no points have been attributed at this stage in the system
  • – There will be no change to the ‘date of effect’ for any EOI when this change is applied.
  • – Points will only be updated once an EOI is submitted
  • – Specific systems functionality is still being developed and any information required by agents will be provided once the process has been finalised, however, no applicant or intending migrant will be disadvantaged by the changes to 6D points for Points Tested visas.

(Source: MIA and DHA)

(Please note this is ALL we know. We do not KNOW how DHA expect people to update their partners english scores to claim 5 points for competent english)

In fact we just received this from DHA when we asked them that question  –

“…specific technical details are still being determine and will be passed to agents when they are available. No further information on technical matters is available at this time.

I am sure you can understand that substantial work is being undertaken to finalise these system requirements and as soon as we have information it will be provided to all stakeholders….”


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