May 9th, 2019

Iscah unofficial skill select results for 9th May 2019

DHA had a skill select round overnight and the results are not good.

It looks like again just 100 invitations and as such there is very little data to create this rounds table. However we have and it is below.
It makes sense to assume 60% were Pro Rata invites and 40% Non Pro Rata invites as in previous rounds.

To produce our results we collect data from our own clients, online forums, other online sources, and feedback from our FB and newsletter followers. As well as using mathematical logical assumptions we know in the past to be correct.
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If you aware of any more recent invites for any of these occupations please email us at with some details so that we can see if this table can be updated over the next 24-48 hours.

(Please note it is highly likely there are more recent invites we are unaware of … this is just the best we know so far)

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Our latest estimate table on when you may get invited will be published in the next 24-48 hours.

Please send ANY questions to only thanks