February 25th, 2019

WA – McGowan Government continue to miss the target on WA international students

What a mess the WA government have made of the International student market in Western Australia.

Since taking government in March 2017 they have consistently made public remarks and policy decisions that have devastated an industry worth $2 billion a year and over 2000 jobs to Western Australia annually.

They initially abolished Perth as a region for the RSMS permanent visa scheme making it harder for employees to seek skilled labour when they had proven to the WA state government that they were unable to find such skills in WA.

They followed this up by virtually closing the State Migration program through slashing the occupations available for State Sponsorship. To the point where in 2017/2018 WA did not sponsor even one skilled migrant.

Now they have introduced a graduate migration program in a desperate attempt to claw back the losses we have suffered through International students choosing to study in the Eastern States rather than in WA…

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