Iscah Service Contract

It takes less than 5 minutes to register for your personalised visa report on your occupation
- Confirm you have read our brief service contract for the report
- Enter Occupational details
- Make credit card payment for $120
- Await your first report 🙂

Please read and acknowledge your acceptance of the ISCAH Service Contract (a downloadable pdf version is available here):


This letter/invoice confirms the subscription to the Iscah Visa Reports for 12 months.

Iscah will provide an initial plus 12 individual monthly reports on your visa options related to the occupation and details you provide.

Please note that these paragraphs of information and data are brief summaries of the latest information. Fuller details are available on the DHA and State websites.

Our professional code of conduct is here and the consumer guide is here

Statement of Services

I agree for Iscah Iscah to provide me with an initial visa report and then free monthly reports for the next 12 months.

Cost is $140 (Incl GST of $12.72 if you are in Australia)

This service is provided under the terms and conditions of the MARA Code of Conduct.
And I have received electronic copies/links of the MARA publication on the Migration Advice Industry and the Migration Agents code of conduct documents

I acknowledge acceptance of the above service contract

Note: you must acknowledge the acceptance above.