March 20th, 2019

NEW predictions of when you will get a 189 invite (based on the 2019/2020 migration program)

Here are Iscah’s latest estimates of how long we think you will have to wait for a 189 invitation from the last round – 10th March 2019
Depending on when you lodged your EOI, what the effect date is and the occupation.

These may not turn out to be DoHA settings, we are just trying to give a rough estimate in this age of uncertainty. If their policies change .. WE WILL CHANGE OUR ESTIMATES ACCORDINGLY

Our predictions are based on these assumptions :

– AVERAGE of 1000 invitations per month for the rest of 2018/19
– 18,652 places for the 189 visa for the 2019/2020 year as published, less around 2000 for NZ citizens
– 1.6 applicants on average per application means around 10.400 invites (870 a month)
– Allowing for 30% wasted invitations = 1130 per month. Split 60% pro rata, 40% non pro rata

Remember there is a new regional visa pathway here that will alleviate some of the upwards pressure on points needed for those who choose that.

As well it is highly likely the Labor party will win the May 2019 Federal Election and they may have their own views about the migration program


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These estimates are heavily influenced by the number of invitations that DoHA issue each round, the limitations against some of the pro rata occupations, and a number of other factors listed here –


Please send all questions to as it is too difficult to see them on theĀ  thread system.