March 5th, 2020

NSW 190 Work Experience Points

UPDATE 6th March 2020 –

Following our correspondence we have received a detailed reply from the NSW government as follows…

NSW approach to skilled employment

Below I will outline the reasons for our approach to continue to only consider skilled employment after the relevant skills assessing authority deems the client to have met the entry level requirements for the occupation.

Our program is highly competitive with tens of thousands of candidates having submitted Expressions of Interest (EOIs) and only 3,000 places available this financial year.

To select candidates, we rank them according to their:
1. Total points score,
2. English language ability, and
3. Years of skilled employment.
With so many candidates who have submitted EOIs for NSW nomination, years of skilled employment is often the differentiator for who receives an invitation.

We believe that the most consistent and equitable way to deliver our program is by continuing to implement this definition of skilled employment as outlined above. Reasons for this include:
• it can be applied equally to all candidates, including those who have obtained positive skills assessments without having completed an educational qualification
• with many candidates competing for few places, we believe it is important to prioritise candidates with higher employment experience as recognised by the relevant skills assessing authority.

(The NSW state government have made it clear now why they have chosen to have this interpretation. There is no point contacting them directly about this as they have full discretion to implement their own selection policy)


Original post of 5th March 2020 –
We were advised in January 2020 that the NSW government would not follow the DHA change in work experience policy that changed in November 2019 for their 190 state nominations unless the skills assessing bodies changed their assessment letters

As a results we have emailed then 3 parties involved as per below in an attempt to obtain a sensible outcome


(We will post any further news on this when we receive it)


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