November 24th, 2019

What points total may be needed for the new 491 Family sponsored invite ??

DHA have advised that mainly NON PRO RATA occupations on the MLTSSL will be invited for this new stream. It will be almost impossible to get an invite for a PRO RATA occupation as these places will be used up in the 189 invites each round. So it is similar to the old 1489 policy. In fact DHA have said

“…If all places are taken up by subclass 189 visas then there will be no invitations issued for subclass 491 visas in these occupations …”

By our numbers there are approximately 18,000 EOIs in the skill select system for NON PRO RATA occupations on the MLTSSL list
Our rough estimates are that 30% of these have a relative in Australia who is a PR/Citizen. And of these around 20% are in what are now designated regional areas.

So that means 6% (30% x 20%) of 18,000 EOIs are eligible to be sponsored under the 491 Family stream = only 1080 for the whole year !!
With just another 60 new EOIs applying each month who may be eligible

Unless DHA are going to allocate a VERY small number of places for the family relative sponsored category they are going to run out of eligible EOIs VERY quickly. And many of these are going to be very low scoring candidates. Even 50 (+15 sponsor points) may be enough

Given this I would think either the 491 Family stream either has to be almost negligible or DHA will need to adjust this policy and also invite PRO RATA occupations.


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