October 15th, 2019

Possible December 11th 2019 Skill Select results

Here is a rough look at what the first invite round may look like after the 16/11/2019 changes

Accountant 95 points (21/03/2019)
Auditor 95 points (22/05/2019)
Electronics Engineer 90 points (26/09/2019)
Ind, Mech, Prod Engineers 90 points (14/08/2019)
Other Engineering Professionals 90 points (21/06/2019)
ICT Business Analysts 90 points (12/06/2019)
Software Applications Programmer 90 points (11/08/2019)
Computer Network Professionals 90 points (01/08/2019)
NON Pro Rata 90 points (17/10/2019)

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These estimates are heavily influenced by the number of invitations that DHA issue each round, the limitations against some of the pro rata occupations, and a number of other factors listed here – https://www.iscah.com/use-189-eoi-predictions/