November 1st, 2019

Updated possible 11th December 2019 invite results – New 189 points system

Here is a rough look at what the first invite round may look like after the 16/11/2019 changes

Understand all the points have gone up as lots of applicants now have ADDITIONAL Partner points added to their OLD EOIs (so you need to ignore all the old EOI effect dates, they no longer matter)

Also we have allowed for the reduced 189 program from 18,652 to 16,652.

Accountant 95 points (26/03/2019)
Auditor 95 points (30/05/2019)
Electronics Engineer 90 points (26/10/2019)
Ind, Mech, Prod Engineers 90 points (04/09/2019)
Other Engineering Professionals 90 points (08/07/2019)
ICT Business Analysts 90 points (28/06/2019)
Software Applications Programmer 90 points (05/09/2019)
Computer Network Professionals 90 points (26/08/2019)
NON Pro Rata 90 points (07/12/2019)

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