January 10th, 2020

When will you get your 189 Invitation – January 2020 estimates

The 10th January 2020 round looks around 800 invitations for the 189 visas.
We has estimated around 800 invites as an AVERAGE over the rest of the program year last month and so our predictions have not changed a lot. Other than people can breathe a sigh of relief that it has risen above the paltry 250 invites from December 2019.

Our unofficial invitation results for 10th January 2020 are here –

When will you get your 189 Invitation – January 2020 estimates

Our Assumptions are on the table below

Remember that these predictions are based on statistics from DHA and current policy settings. If DHA change from 100 to 1500 to 250 invites like they have in recent months it has an effect on invitation estimates too. Hence why we take an average (800 over each of the next 5 months)

For the 491 (family sponsored) visa DHA have limited themselves to only inviting MLTSSL occupations that are non pro rata in most cases. However there is the possibility for some Pro Rata occupations to get an invite if the 189 round does not use all the places for that occupation in that round (this can sometimes happen). As a result of this limited number of eligible applicants the 491 invite score dropped from 95 to 90 points . We expect this trend to continue and for 85 point applicants (70+15 for sponsor) to get an invite in February 2020. Especially if you are not a pro rata occupation.

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